Our mission is to make anyone & everyone feel comfortable & confident making products that provide perfect fit for all bodies & also keeping the products exclusive & luxurious.

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Our Adjustable Feature

Founder & CEO

Camila Sanchez

Hi loves, 

My name is Camila Sanchez and I am the visionary and founder of Sanchez. I was born in Medellin, Colombia, however, I came to live on this beautiful island I call my home. 

Sanchez started when I identified that there was a gap in the market in diverse sizing options in bikinis and underwear, which I myself as a petite person could not fit into society’s body concept. Thereby, I realized that there were other women that were facing the same problem as I and which inspired me to create my own brand where women could feel included. 

I heart you to follow the process of my small business and also connect with me on my personal Instagram to be part of this community of woman who live empowered ✨

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THe brand


The entirety of our brand reflects a narrative, from the product and its name to the fascinating story behind its founder. We look forward to sharing more about that with all of you soon.

Every day we learn something new about the brand and its underlying message.


Made to fit all of us

Our mission is to promote inclusivity for all physique types. We strive to provide products that can fit any body size.

Anything you want to know more about?



our exclusive, luxurious brand is handmade by other bold, enterprising women.

Our product offerings strive to be as inclusive as possible while still accommodating a range of sizes. Behind every product and name lies a story, as does the founder - a story to be shared in due time. With every passing day you learn something new about our brand and what it stands for.


The name comes from the surname of the founder of the brand, Camila Sanchez. A tribute to the visionary behind the brand, Camila Sanchez. This is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the vision of a modern and confident woman.


We launched this project on March 11, 2022 after months of hard work to create an unforgettable, unique experience. Our goal is more than to just provide our customers with merchandise - we want to give them the chance to become a part of the entire process, from start to finish. We strive for our customers to know where their product comes from, how it is made, and the service personnel who work to fulfill their orders.

In conclusion, we want to create a connection between you and the product from the time it is made to when it reaches your hands.

All of our items are crafted in Medellin, Colombia, with the majority of them designed by Camila Sanchez.

To make a different experience for the customers & to connect them more with the brand

We have different concepts on all our social media platform
  • From Design to product
  • Q&A on Insta story
  • Behind the scenes
  • Polls on Insta story 
  • Accepting feed backs
  • Chats on insta story with Camila Sanchez .
  • How to use/style your garment.
  • SP on our instagram platform and also the personal instagram platform of our founder.
  • The process behind X on our Tik Tok Platform and also Camila‘s personal Tik Tok platform.

< this also will bring a little more of you into the product >


  • Most of our products are designed from scratch by our Founder Camila Sanchez
  • Our underwear collections/colors most of the time dont repeat except for our undies & basics sets
  • All of our garments have gold plated bran details



no changes or refunds are made under any circumstances as they are considered intimate garments.

guarantees are received only if the claim is made the same day the garment is received. (production/manufacturer defects)

         Option #1: discount on the current purchase or your next purchase 

         Option #2:  exchange the garment for any item in stock

valid guarantee for: unstitching, imperfections, stains on the fabric, brooches or hardware in bad condition


  • handwash
  • do NOT use dryer
  • do NOT twist
  • do NOT iron
  • use genle soap
  • do NOT soak


you can get in touch with us via the following methods:

  • WhatsApp +297 563-3847
  • Instagram DM: sanchezshopp
  • Email: sanchezshopparuba@gmail.com


For women's undergarments, we offer two distinct sizing concepts.

For womens underwear we work with 2 different concepts of sizing:

Our garments are meant to fit all sizes and body types.

  • one size adjustable from XS to XL. This adjustable strap concept was designed to make it easier for customers to find the perfect fit. No matter what size you are, you can adjust your undies and tops to your comfort.
  • S, M & L by cup

         Small ( 32-34 )

         Medium ( 34-36 )

         Large ( 36-38 )

For Swimwear, we offer 3 distinct sizing concepts


our swimwear sizing varies on the bikini you choose, however is also made to fit all sizes & body types.

  • XS - XL
  • S - L
  • one size